Review Policy

Review Policy


One of the greatest joys I have when deciding what to read next is to stumble upon a wonderful book that is rarely known to the wide majority. Just because a book is on the bestseller’s list does not mean that it is well-written. Similarly, just because a book has been self-published or published by an Indie publisher does not mean that it is not worth reading. With that in mind, I encourage any writer, publisher, or fellow bookworm to contact me if they wish for me to review a book.

I believe in writing fair reviews. If a book is not to my liking, I will say so. I do not believe that it is fair to my readers who expect honesty from my reviews.

How do I review books? Basically, I tend to write all of my book reviews in a similar fashion. I like to present an opening and enticing short quote from the book. I believe that the right quotation will draw readers into the book review. Following the short quote, I write a short paragraph entitled “Initial Thoughts” presenting my initial thoughts about the book and how I found out about it. To me, the initial reaction to a book is extremely important as it is true that first impressions are everything. Then I present a summary. After, I present an “About the Book” section listing the title, author [illustrator(s), translator(s), editor(s)], pages, year published, and finally the genre & subjects of the book. Finally, I review the book by paying attention to how the book was written (style, voice, etc.), the story, and the characters (or key figures). When reviewing, I tend to place more weight on the way the book was written than the storyline. I finish my review with a final rating based on my own grading scheme.

About cover art

If I do not have permission to post cover art, I won’t. For many of my posts, I will use images which I believe to represent the book as a substitute for cover art if I do not have permission. If you are an author or publisher and wish for me to use your cover art, I would be glad to do so. I believe that cover art helps to promote a book by allowing for it to become more recognizable to the general public.

The grading scheme.


As you can see, the grading scheme I use resembles how a teacher would mark his or her student. I find this grading scheme flexible enough to apply to every book. Additionally, I find that each letter is more revealing than if I were to review books based on a star system.

Books I am interested in reviewing…

As you probably have noticed by my book reviews, I am interested in many subjects and genres. I am interested in reviewing books in the following genres & subjects:


  • young adult fiction
  • fantasy fiction
  • graphic novels
  • manga
  • dystopian
  • romance
  • historical fiction
  • children’s fiction
  • thriller (some)
  • fairy tales/myths (retellings)
  • paranormal
  • horror (some)
  • classic novels
  • world literature
  • indigenous literature
  • science fiction
  • vampires


  • biographies
  • autobiographies

 Books I am not interested in reviewing…

  • erotica
  • westerns

Thank you for reading,

-Alice Montgomery













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