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First comes the day Then comes the night. After the darkness Shines through the light. The difference, they say, Is only made right By the resolving of gray Through refined Jedi sight. —Journal of the Whills, 7:477, The Force Awakens (Star Wars Novelization #7) by: Alan Dean Foster

Initial Thoughts: Ever since I was young, I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan. On Friday, Solo will be released in theatres! These Star Wars spin off films are a great way to satiate fans until the next installment of the main series. I am most excited to find out Rey’s origins and to find out what will happen to Kylo Ren in the ninth movie.


The Force Awakens (Star Wars: Novelizations, #7)

Set years after Return of the Jedi, this stunning action-packed adventure rockets us back into the world of Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2,and Luke Skywalker, while introducing a host of exciting new characters, including Rey, Finn, BB-8 and Kylo Ren.
Darth Vader may have been redeemed and the Emperor vanquished, but peace can be fleeting, and evil does not easily relent. Yet the simple belief in good can still empower ordinary individuals to rise and meet the greatest challenges.
So return to that galaxy far, far away, and prepare yourself for what happens when the Force awakens…

The Review

When I first watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theatres, I couldn’t help but think “it would be amazing if this could be a book.” Star Wars has such a richness to it for a film franchise with a large cast of characters and so many planets. Star Wars is a bit like a gold mine of stories. There are as many stories as the universe itself is vast.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens picks up years after the ending of The Return of the Jedi. Luke Skywalker has vanished, and the First Order has risen. The First Order is akin to the Sith and the Empire. At the helm of the First Order is Supreme Leader Snoke, whose mission is to find the map to Luke Skywalker before it lands in the hands of the resistance. It is only Luke Skywalker who can bring peace to the galaxy, but he is nowhere to be found.

On an obscure planet called Jakku, Rey has been alone for as long as she can remember. Rey is a scavenger and constantly on the brink of starvation. When Rey happens across a droid with a mission, Rey becomes entangled into the mission of the resistance to find Skywalker.
I listened to the audiobook version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Some audiobooks are finely narrated, but lack sound effects or music. This audiobook uses sound effects and a bit of the score to amplify suspense. The dialects and accents of the characters were perfectly mastered.
The writing itself flows quite well for a movie novelization. It is not overly detailed, and it is noticeable that the dialogue takes precedence over description. However, I enjoyed the moments of interiority from the characters that is unable to be seen in the movie. Kylo Ren is such a fascinating character with a troubled mind. I found I was able to understand him a little more. He is definitely one of Star Wars’ best villains (or anti-heroes?). I can’t wait to see how his relationship with Rey will develop in the third film… two whole years from now….
I recommend The Force Awakens (novelization) to fans of Star Wars (of course!).

Final Rating:

A- Cat

About the Book

Title: The Force Awakens (Star Wars Novelization #7)
Author: Alan Dean Foster
Series: Star Wars Novelization 
Received: Borrowed 
Form: Audiobook 
Genres & Subjects: fiction, novelization, science fiction, epic, space opera


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