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Initial Thoughts: I would like to say a thank you to Mr. Hirson for asking me to read and give an honest review of his novel Eternity’s Echoes.


Eternity's Echoes (Shade Master Book 1)

Aaron was a promising software designer with an upcoming company. He shared a quaint house on the outskirts of town with his best friends; another young man and two girls.
They’d known each other since school, and lived together peacefully for years with few problems.
Travis the newcomer however had a dark way about him, and all of Aaron’s attempts to get along with him had failed.
But just as the household began to settle down again, a strange device with a peculiar attitude entered their lives.
Would it fulfill all of their dreams, or instead become a curse?” – Goodreads

The Review

Aaron, Mara, Kim, Jay and Travis are housemates. Aaron is a nerd who has a gift for understanding technology, Mara is a model, Jay is struggling to find a job, Kim has a terrible stutter and refuses to leave her room, and finally, Travis is a troublemaker.  One day, Aaron, Jay and Travis decide to explore their backyard with metal detectors and they find a strange device. This device is a time machine controlled by a hologram with an attitude. Little do they know, their lives will be forever changed.

There is just something about novels with time travel that could either be very interesting or become a hindrance to the plotline. I love stories with time travel, but in Eternity’s Echoes, the time traveling parts were not as fleshed out as I had hoped they would be. Whenever the characters would find themselves in the past, there were sparse details of the setting. I just could not make a good mental picture of what was going on. However, I did enjoy how the storyline evolved past the excitement of discovering a time machine into something more unique and sinister. There were a few clever plot twists that I could not see coming. 

Each of the main characters are given distinct personality traits, and I was able to get a sense of who they are . But, once I was midway through the book, I found that I just could not bring myself to care about the characters. Sure, they have personality traits that set them apart from each other. For instance Kim is defined by her stutter and anxiety, and fear of leaving her room. Mara is described as beautiful and confident. But there is nothing more to them except for these traits. I could rarely find any moments of interiority, and their lack of reaction to certain events inhibited me from experiencing the emotions of the characters. They seemed to be just archetypes set in motion to advance the plot instead of separate entities. My empathy for these characters had quickly diminished because they did not seem to be believable.

Overall, there are some interesting plot twists in Eternity’s Echoes, and there is an established amount of groundwork for the sequel.

Final Rating: 

C okay

About the Book 

Title: Eternity's Echoes 
Author: Evan Hirson 
Series: The Shade Master (Book #1: Eternity's Echoes, Book #2: Destiny's Charm)
Genres & Subjects: fiction, science fiction, time travel


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