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Initial Thoughts: “Sibling 1 throws blenders,” this certainly got my attention. 806 is a road trip young adult novel where three half siblings (who just met), decide to find their biological father. After reading a few novels with heavier subject matter, I was excited to dive into this lighthearted one.


806806 by Cynthia Weil


Sibling 1 throws blenders and plays guitar. Sibling 2 is allergic to everything and is into magic. Sibling 3 is a varsity swimmer with a group of female fans. Enough said. The only thing they have in common is their biological father, and the only thing they can agree on is that they all want to meet him. With the help of a broken-down, “borrowed” Jeep, KT, Jesse, and Gabe make their way across the country evading police, trying their luck on the slots, and meeting a life-changing pig, all to track down Donor 806, their father. Any hope of success requires smarts, luck, and ingenuity. Good thing they have each other…even if they don’t see it that way.” – Goodreads

The Review 

KT is a musician who longs to find her biological father, donor 806. When she searches for her father online, she finds out that she has two half brothers who couldn’t be any more different. Jesse is a swimmer with a large female fan base, and Gabe is an amateur magician who is allergic to everything. But, the three of them have a mission, to find donor 806. They decide to go on a road trip that leads them across the United States into the most unlikely of places from Vegas casinos to being chased by the police. Will they ever find their father?
806 is a light hearted fast-paced read with very little conflict or character depth. The entire novel reminded me of a made for t.v. tween movie where the all the characters crack lame jokes and puns no one would actually use in real life. KT, the narrator is a teenager full of teenage angst and rebelliousness with a fondness for black hair, and throwing blenders. But, deep down she is just a regular teenage girl who wants a father, and has commitment issues preventing her from realizing that the boy stalking her across the country might actually be “the one.” Though, honestly, I just found him creepy how he popped up everywhere. Gabe is a typical nerd with a lack of dating history, and with a long list of allergies. But, Gabe’s resourceful magic tricks come in handy. Jesse is the jock of the trio who is slightly vain but perceptive with an inferiority complex. The other adult characters are stereotypes of adults: the unlucky-in-love mom, the  jealous girlfriend, and so on.
I liked the road trip setting, though I wish there could have been more pages devoted to the actual journey rather than the destination. It would have been nice to have more conversation between the newly found siblings. I probably would have found them less like cardboard cut outs if I had a chance to see them bond as a family rather than just call themselves members of “the Lucky Sperm Club.” The entire story is fast-paced and hardly settles on one scene before taking off into a completely new direction, basically a novel where “this happens, then this happens, then this happens,” and so on.
Overall, 806 was a mostly enjoyable novel made for a younger teenage audience. I would recommend this novel to preteens who are switching over into young adult novels.

*I received an advanced copy of 806 from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

806 will be released on March 13, 2018.

Final Rating: 

C okay

About the Book 

Title: 806
Author: Cynthia Weil
Year Published: March 13, 2018
Pacing: Moderate/fast
Genres & Subjects: Young adult, contemporary, realistic fiction, road trips, half-siblings,

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