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When I begin writing a story, I usually begin right away without any sort of plan. When a reader picks up a novel and reads the first sentence for the very first time, they probably do not know where the story will go. If they did, the story would be less interesting, less enticing. What would be the point taking the pains to read something when you already know every twist and turn the story provides?  For me, writing is the same way. If my story is set in stone, then my fingers will be immobilized on the computer keyboard.

When I write, there is an invisible force which compels me to write. It is nothing supernatural nor spiritual. It is an unconscious reflex from within that forces my hands to type words onto a screen. These words make sentences, paragraphs, and eventually pages (if I am lucky). It is probably a strange spectacle to observe my hands as they fly across the keyboard in rapid swift movements. I imagine the expression on my face would be completely vacant or in some sort of look of deep concentration.

There are no scientific principles nor is there a perfect recipe for me to follow. The best part about writing stories is the fact that there are no limits. Someone had asked me once, “do you get all of your ideas from your head?” In short, yes. It is like dreaming with my eyes open. Although the story was built from my own mind, I sometimes feel distant from my writing, as if my unconscious was building the story and feeding it through my hands and onto the screen. Sometimes I astonish myself with the end results. Other times I am actively involved and attempt to find the exact word for the picture in my mind.

When I reread the first novel I had ever written, I was surprised. I was a teenager when I wrote my first novel. All of the fears I had harboured and buried deep within had resurfaced and planted itself into the core of my story. Even though I had thought that I was creating something completely original and outside of myself, I realized that this is utterly impossible. It may sound cheesy, but it is true that every single person has a unique story to tell. Stories may provide a universal truth about a particular facet of humanity, but they will also reveal a brutally honest statement about its author.

When I write, it is not to achieve fame nor to prove something to the world. I write because I essentially have no choice in the matter. When I haven’t written something in a long while, I will feel an internal pull forcing me to write. It is like an itch that must be scratched. If I ignore the itch for too long, it will only get worst. Then, once I have written a sufficient amount of words onto a screen or on paper, I will feel profoundly satisfied . It is not necessarily because I know people will like what I have written. It is simply because I have written something, and that is all that matters.


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