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In the year 1912, a famous seemingly unsinkable floating palace set sail on the Atlantic ocean. Travelling from Europe to North America, this grand ship promoted a luxury vacation aboard a stunning ocean liner. Standing at an elevation of 175 feet, and reaching a length of almost three football fields, it is no wonder that this colossal ship was called Titanic. Today, the Titanic gained its celebrity status in the history books and as the film adaptation Titanic (1997) not for being a great ship, but for being the ship at the root of one of the greatest tragedies to occur on the Atlantic ocean in the early twentieth century.


This newspaper published on April 16, 1912 was one of the first reports of the Titanic disaster

On the night of April 14, 1912, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sunk off the coast of Nova Scotia Canada taking over 1,500 lives. The New York Herald was one of the first reports covering the sinking of the Titanic (pictured left). The initial report states that there were 1,800 passengers and 675 survivors. Today it is estimated that there were 2,344 passengers and 700 survivors (approximately) (1).


It will be 104 years since the Titanic sunk on April 14, 2016. Since then, we have a greater understanding of safety aboard an ocean liner. Overconfidence is what sank the Titanic; the iceberg was a means to an end. One of the most irritating mistakes Titanic made was its failure to provide enough lifeboats for the passengers and crew. It was the lack of consideration for the people aboard to invest the money into making this boat safe for everyone and not only the select few.If you have seen the movie Titanic you will notice that there is a difference between the people on board. The passengers of the Titanic were divided by class.

Main Dining Room of the Titanic

First class dining room on the Titanic

First class was undoubtedly the rich upper class. They received the best rooms on the upper part of the ship. Second class was a little less luxurious than the first class. It was the passengers of the third class who suffered the most. Most of them were immigrants trying to establish a new life in North America. Many did not have money. Therefore, when it came time for people to get on the lifeboats, the members of the third class were placed at a disadvantage. It is events such as Titanic that make you realize the problem of the class system. Yes there will always be those who are richer and those who are poorer. When it comes to human life we should all be given an equal chance. The sinking of the Titanic was a reflection of the class system and its failure to ensure survival. There was no excuse for so many casualties.



The wreckage of the Titanic (2004)

Today, as the Titanic rests in silence at the bottom of the ocean floor, we should not forget the sinking of the Titanic. We should learn from the mistakes of this tragedy. First of all to understand that nothing is indestructible. We should not be paranoid, but should take proper safety precautions. Second, when someone warns us (the Titanic was warned about icebergs in the area) we need to listen. Third, recognize that everyone deserves a chance.



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