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From watching television and movies, I was given a lot of false impressions about high school. There are so many clichés that exist on television and in movies that really do not exist in real life…. not even close. Here are a few popular clichés about high school that actually exist and clichés that do not exist.

  • Where oh where is my Prince-charming-Edward-Cullen-secret-vampire-dark-mysterious-guy-of-my-dreams?

I was sort of disappointed that this didn’t really happen to me… It seems to be very common that in television or in movies there is that one guy who is too good to be true. Everyone tells the girl “he’s trouble!” and then somehow the girl ignores everyone and… falls in love with him, professes her undying love, and starts dating him within a week. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have any hot vampires at my school (that I know of).

Twilight (2008)

Instead, expect to have “normal” dates. You know, awkwardly going to the movies where the only real conversation looks like this:

Person 1: Hey

Person 2: Hey

Person 1: What’s up?

Person 2: Not much, you?

Person 1: Not much

(Movie starts)


(After the movie)

Person 2: I liked the movie

Person 1: Yeah

Person 2: Well… bye..

Person 1: Um… bye…

Before you can even begin to experience any sort of sweeping romance, you must have your share of awkward stories to tell your kids in the future. It’s a must!

  • People don’t randomly break out into song and start dancing once they get to high school.

If you have grown up with the High School Musical series like I have, you probably have had fantasies of breaking out into song with your fellow classmates. Or maybe that was just me… anyway, this doesn’t exactly happen. But some high schools have musicals, dance groups, concert band, jazz band, rock band, choirs, and the like.

High School Musical (2006)

  • Extravagant proms

For many girls (and some guys) prom is the event that they have been dreaming of their entire lives. Of course a lot of this hype is from being exposed to television and movies. Somehow no one seems to question how a typical high school prom is suddenly given a budget of 1 million dollars. Limos are commonplace. Romance is certain. And, there is usually a catfight (just sayin’).

High School Musical 3 (2008)

In reality, prom is a bit different. You might be lucky to rent a limo (I’m jealous), but it won’t be to the same scale as in television and movies. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a memorable night that will last in your mind forever.


Even though movies and television shows tend to exaggerate a lot when it comes to high school, the interactions between high school students are usually very accurate.

  • Texting in class and sideways glances

Texting in class is the electronic upgrade of passing notes. Though… sometimes there could be disastrous results, like a nosy ex.

The Vampire Diaries (2009)

  • We all have to think about our future

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  • Rumors travel very very very very very very quickly

Easy A (2010)


  • And there is no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza



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