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It’s been one year today since I began blogging!!!



One thing that I learned about blogging is that to be a blogger, you have to love what you are writing about. If you write to be known by the public, then you are doing it wrong. Most blogs do not get 1000 views per day. It takes time in order for your blog to circulate into search engine results and gain regular viewers. With millions of new content published every day, getting recognized is along the same lines as being the needle in the haystack. For me, in the first view months, I was lucky if I got one view per day. Now I tend to get an average of 30 views per day and that number keeps growing exponentially. I know it is not 1000 views, but I am still very grateful all the same.

At first, when I didn’t get any views, I became discouraged. I wasn’t sure if I had an audience at all. As I began to write more and more on diverse subjects I found that my blog view count kept going up. From the one year experience that I have as a blogger, I can say that the best advice I can give is to keep writing. If you just write one article, then you have less chances than someone who has written 40 articles.

Another thing that I learned about blogging is that it is time consuming. Blogging is a hobby. Throughout the year, I have not been consistent. This is due to a few factors such as being in university where writing papers took precedence over writing blog posts. In order to overcome this, I would suggest to write as many posts as possible when you have free time so that you can schedule them over time. It is my goal for this year to publish one blog post per week. Fingers crossed!

Miscellaneous tips for beginners:

  • Social media is a good way to advertise your blog for free. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Reedit, Stumbleupon, etc. are good ways to get your blog out there. Just remember, no one likes to be hounded. There is such thing as too much advertising.
  • Create lots of diverse content.
  • If your interests are obscure, then write about it. Sometimes it is easier to get recognized when there is little published on an area of interest than if it is a popular subject.
  • Use tags and categories. USE THEM! Tags help others find your posts based on their interests.
  • Themed content works well once you have established a small audience.
  • PATIENCE: gaining viewers takes time.
  • For inspiration think about what you would like to read about and start from there.
  • People like pictures (see my post on pictures in the public domain)
  • Write from experience. YOU have a story to tell that no one else can tell.

Thank you for all your views and support in the last year. I hope to keep writing and improving the content on this blog.

Stay tuned for more super awesome blog posts by yours truly,

-Alice of thealleycat7

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