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Ever since I was a child, I had always wanted to create things. Whether it was a story, a song or a “work of art,” I had the desire to make something unique.

At some point in my lifetime, I had wanted to learn how to sew. Sewing seemed to be simple enough. Many people sew. I believed that in no time, I would be a master at sewing.

One day, a very peculiar idea formed its way into my mind. A teddy bear in the shape of a bunny and a duck would be very cute. Imagine, the cuteness of a bunny with the cuteness of a duck.


Duck +



Makes a lot of sense right? Don’t ask how I get my strange ideas. My unconscious is probably a very strange, frightening place.

And so, the idea for a ‘duck bunny’ was born.

I did not have fabric at the time. Just some unused Christmas socks I would probably never wear. I decided to cut the sock into the form of a duck’s body, and attach a rabbit’s head to the body. Then I sewed everything together using my “ah-mazing” skills. Once I was finished, I realized that the ‘duck bunny’ required eyes and a nose. As I did not have proper materials for eyes and a nose, I made three dots by using a sharpie.

Instead of being the picture of cuteness I had hoped for, my ‘duck bunny’ looked a little like something made by doctor Frankenstein. “ITS ALIVE!” Since that day, the ‘duck bunny’ had mysteriously disappeared (I hid it). I had never bothered to search for it until one day while cleaning, lo and behold, there it was.

No, I am not making this up. The ‘duck bunny’ is indeed real.

A child’s imagination is a strange and wonderful thing. These silly little projects are a part of discovering creativity locked from within the confines of one’s own mind. The confines of my mind produced this…


Perhaps I should stick to writing…

Until next time,