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This month I decided to read The Maze Runner by: James Dashner.

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Number of pages: 374 (hardcover)

Date of publication: 2009

Genre: Fiction, Dystopian, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure

Series: The Maze Runner (Book #1), The Scorch Trials (Book #2), The Death Cure (Book #3), The Kill Order (Book #0.5 Prequel)

Similar to: The Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins, Divergent by: Veronica Roth, The Host by: Stephenie Meyer

Movie adaptation: Yes. The movie, The Maze Runner was released in 2014. The movie adaptation of the second book in the series, The Scorch Trials will be released in September 2015.

First of all, I must confess that before I read the book, I watched the movie. For most avid readers, this is a faux pas. Whoops…

General Impressions:

– One major aspect of the book that stood out was the third person narration. Personally, I would’ve preferred the book to be from Thomas’ point of view. It would have been easier to understand Thomas’ thought process and personality if the book had been told in first person.

– It is a slow read, and not a good book for a slow reader. If you’re expecting to know everything within the first fifty pages, this is not the book for you. Parts of the book are stagnant with little new information. The narration could’ve been condensed a little more.

Rating: 80/100


– To those who enjoyed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The book has a similar feel without being a knock off.

– The book is geared towards young adults, some preteens may enjoy this book as well.

– To those who enjoy dystopian literature.

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