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earth-11595_1280Welcome to you, wherever you might be on this earth reading this now. Who knows, maybe you are not on the earth at the moment and are indeed a space alien with wifi…


As I had mentioned in my post on poetry, poetry was a very difficult art for me to connect with. I still struggle to decode the true thoughts of the poet, and would rather pretend that every poem is just a pizza recipe in disguise.

If I had to pick a favorite genre of poetry, I would have to go with nonsense verse. Why? Nonsense verse poetry is fun to read. Hardly any mental strain involved. They can have meaning, or they can mean absolutely nothing! When you are forced to write essays on poetry with analogies, extended metaphors and political allegories, nonsense is a nice change.

And now I present to you, my favorite poems…

The Walrus and the Carpenter by: Lewis Carroll (from Through the Looking-Glass)

The Jabberwocky by: Lewis Carroll (from Through the Looking Glass)


The Faithful Jelly Donut by: Dennis Lee (from Bubblegum Delicious)


Now I am craving jelly doughnuts…

Have a good week!