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One thing I was worried about when I started my blog was copyrighted pictures. I read countless articles of how people can get heavily fined for using pictures under copyright. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you cite the source. Out of fear of being fined, I figured I would have to take every picture myself (I am not a very good photographer). That is until I discovered “the public domain.” Yes, there are kind and wonderful people out there who will allow you to use their photos for free without attribution!

There are a few public domain websites out there, my recommendation is Pixabay. Pixabay is where I got my snazzy background, as well as the other higher quality photos on my blog.

Before using Pixabay, I would recommend reading this FAQ section.

Unlike some public domain websites where you have to search by clicking on category after category to narrow down your search, Pixabay works like a search engine.

For instance, if you wish to search for a “castle”….


And that’s it!

Note: if you use a public domain photo, look for this “CC0 Public Domain” to make sure it is okay to use.

Here are some more examples of the wonderful photography on Pixabay:

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