Are you a cat person? A dog person? A unicorn person? I am a sea-monkey person, if there is such a thing.

They are the lovable creatures ordered from the back of a retro comic magazine, they have traveled deep into space, and they can even hatch right before your eyes. This incomparable creature is of course the sea-monkey, and they are the best kind of pet you can ever get! You might wonder, why not a dog, you know, man’s best friend? Well, let me ask you a question, why not a sea-monkey?

“Sea-Monkey” is a just a cool brand name for brine shrimp. Brine shrimp are tiny translucent creatures who live in water and can grow to be about 12 to 18 millimeters.  Some say that they look like aliens. Personally, I think they are the cutest pets ever. They are called “Sea-Monkeys” because of their playful nature. When purchased they are in egg form, cryogenically frozen so that the eggs can stay fresh for years. They can be purchased at retail stores, or you can order them from sea-monkey.com Whenever you buy sea-monkeys, you must always buy a starter kit. Every starter kit includes: step 1: the water purifier, step 2: the eggs, step 3: food for a year, and finally the measuring spoon for their food. Some starter kits include a tank for your sea-monkeys, others must be purchased separately.

Sure, they may never be aware of your existence, but having sea-monkeys as a pet has its advantages.

Like what you ask?

– You only need to feed them once a week

-It only costs $20-$30 for a sea monkey kit (equipped with a tank, food for two years, a food scooper, water purifier, and sea monkey eggs)

– They don’t bark

– They don’t shed

– You don’t need to change the water in their tank. In fact, you shouldn’t change the water in the tank. You need only refill the tank with water at room temperature when the tank water evaporates.

– Watching them swim (when they are big enough to be seen) is very therapeutic

– No visits to the veterinarian

I have had my sea-monkeys for over two years and I continue to be ever intrigued by their strangeness.