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Every personality type not only has four letters, they are also given four cognitive functions. Cognitive functions are the key distinguishing features that make every personality type different from the other.

The 8 cognitive functions

Si (Introverted sensing): Comparing current situations with past information.

Se (Extroverted sensing): Awareness of the world’s physical detail.

Ti (Introverted thinking): Finding the best way to be precise and to the point.

Te (Extroverted thinking): Finding the best way to organize information.

Ni (Introverted intuition): There is one underlying principle.

Ne (Extroverted intuition): There can be many interpretations to one single thing.

Fi (Introverted feeling): Focusing on understanding personal feelings.

Fe (Extroverted feeling): Focusing on understanding others feelings.

The types and their cognitive functions

ESTP: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

ESTJ: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

ESFP: Se-Fi-Te-Ni


ENTP: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si


ENFP :Ne-Fi-Te-Si

ENFJ :Fe-Ni-Se-Ti





INTP: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe

INTJ :Ni-Te-Fi-Se


INFJ: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

The order in which these functions are placed is very important. The placement determines the strength of the function. This is why the leading function is called the dominant, the second is the auxiliary, the third is the tertiary, and finally the fourth is the inferior function.

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