It is easy to say “I’m going to start a blog and I am going to talk about this, this, and this.” It is harder to actually take the time to pull the thoughts and opinions from the brain, and somehow have them make sense. When I write under pressure, I find myself overly critical of everything I write. Here is a very small sample of my thoughts when I write under pressure:

How does a comma work anyway!!!! Am I being too formal???? What will people think?

Then I realize… Oh wait… no one actually knows this page exists… yet… I am free to write whatever I want. Write now, post, and judge later.

I write on a regular basis. I have a completed over fifteen journals in the past six years, and continue to write faithfully of my everyday boring life. I wrote a book a few years ago, and haven’t had the courage to send it to a publisher until one of my trusted few decides to finish it. As for poetry, when I am experiencing an overflow of emotion, I might write vainly of my feelings, read it over, and then toss it into the garbage. If one were to go through my various papers, they would find excerpts of dialogues and descriptions from stories I was/ am working on.

On occasion, I will write a short story. Please see my short story “The Maid” as an example…